Team Registration & Project Submissions 

Each team will create a team project page on to describe their work and submit their solution. Teams will build their project pages throughout the weekend.

  • Participant Eligibility Summary:  All members of the team must sign up for the event online via Eventbrite Registration and the Official DEVPOST website in order to be eligible to participate in the event. At least one person from the team must physically attend to present their team solution during the judging on Sunday, August 24, 2019.

  • Code & Project Submissions:  We utilize DevPost to manage project submissions for Judges. All projects must be submitted before 11:00AM on Sunday, August 25th and must meet the following conditions:
    • A powertpoint presentation to include a short video is required. While professional equipment and production elements are not required, teams do need a means to create the video (ex. A smartphone will do just fine).
    • The project must provide a link to the public source code in Github.
    • All source code must be submitted under a permissive open source license. A qualifying permissive open source license is one of the following: Apache 2.0, MIT, or BSD 3-Clause
    • The project’s source code must be publicly accessible via GitHub for a week after the end of the event.
    • A description of the solution to your challenge must be submitted with your devpost post

You will need to do the following:

Register at least one person for innovateAFITC in DevPost. Once the DevPost account is created, you will be able to create project pages. Next, create a DevPost project page for your project - you can do this via the [Enter a submission] button on the page, or via your Portfolio in DevPost. Lastly, submit your DevPost project to the innovateAFITC  Cyber Challenge.

When creating and editing your DevPost project make sure you:

  • Invite your team members onto the project via email.
  • Describe your project thoroughly in the "Here's the whole story" section. Use Markdown for this; check out this Cheatsheet for a quick introduction to Markdown formatting.  This will be judged.
  • Put the links to your app’s source code repository in Github. Put the links to your app and other resources in the "Try it out" field. You can add multiple links. Upload images, such as screenshots, in the "Image Gallery".
  • Paste your shareable URL to the Google Slides presentation. Make sure permissions are public.
  • Checkout these video instructions from DevPost: